Student Support

Student Support and Welfare

We all need a little extra support sometimes and when you are living and studying overseas – you may need a little bit more than you normally would. We are here to help you – so don’t ever be shy to let us know what you are going through and how we can help. We offer the following in relation to support and welfare.

  • One-to-one support from the trainer/assessor
  • Support with personal issues
  • Access to additional learning resources
  • Reasonable adjustment in the assessment
  • Social events
  • Buddy program

Information about external sources of support

You may not have studied for a while, may have English as a second language or need additional assistance with literacy or numeracy. We will identify any additional support needs you may have at the time of application and enrolment and may prepare a Student Support Plan for you based on those needs.

We have a range of information we can provide you with on a variety of issues – this may be related to accommodation, legal or financial issues, cultural considerations, disability support, stress management – or maybe you are experiencing a bout of homesickness. If you are experiencing it – then we are concerned about it.  Please communicate with us because we care. We don’t charge for internal services but you will be responsible for any external provider costs at the time you access the services. We can assist you to find local groups of like-minded people in the area, connect you with other students with similar interest groups or simply be a friendly listening ear when you need one.

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with a referral to the relevant local organisation and assist you to access services from them.

Some support services are listed in our Important Information about Australia section of this handbook – but it’s best to come and speak to the Administration and Student Support Officer where you can have a confidential discussion and get the right type of service/support for your need or concern.

Student Support Contact

0061(02) xxxxxxx